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Episode 52 The Murder of William Wise

In 1734, Alice Riley became the first person to be executed in the colony of Georgia. The servant was tried and convicted, alongside fellow servant, Richard White, for the murder of their master. Were the two guilty of planning and carrying out the murder? Or were they convicted because of Irish-Catholic prejudice in the colony? …


Episode 43 The Sleeping Preacher X+Y=Z

SUBSCRIBE AND LISTEN FOR FREE: Apple Podcasts | Google Play | Radio Public | RSS Feed In the late 19th century, Constantine Sanders was known as Alabama’s Sleeping Preacher. Often writing down premonitions and visions from a “trance state” that would be signed by his “companion” X+Y=Z. Was Sanders evil? Possessed? Or haunted by X+Y=Z? A “sleeping preacher” as they have been…

Episode 21: Love and Hatred in Birmingham – Murder of Father Coyle

One of the most shocking murders in Birmingham, Alabama history happened in 1921. Father John Coyle, a Catholic priest, was shot and killed by a Methodist minister. The KKK paid for the minister’s defense team, that was led by Hugo Black. SUBSCRIBE AND LISTEN FOR FREE: Apple Podcasts | Google Play | Radio Public |…

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