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Episode 98 The Cult of the Unknown Tongues

In February 1933 a church service in a Kentucky mountain town ended with the death of 72 year old Lucinda Mills. Nine relatives would be accused of murder while the media labelled her death a human sacrifice. What happened in that cabin?

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How does a week long revival end with the murder of a 72 year old woman? That’s the question people were asking in February 1933 when deputies entered a cabin in the mountains of Kentucky.

They found Lucinda Mills dead on the floor, her son kneeling on her body…with a chain twisted around her neck.

Within days rumors began to spread that Lucinda had volunteered to die at the hands of her son John, as a human sacrifice.

Why did John Mills feel compelled to kill his mother? Why did none of Lucinda’s relatives in the cabin with him, stop him?

Hear the story in the new episode of Southern Mysteries.

Episode Note: Lucinda Mill’s age has been listed as 65 and 72 in different publications and census records.

Boyd Cabin where Lucinda Mills was killed, just outside of Tomahawk, Kentucky. Image: Indianapolis Times 1933
Criminal trials were so rare in Martin County so the Mills trial drew large crowds. Image: Lexington Herald 1933
Image Source: Danville Daily Messenger, 1933

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Episode Music

Clean Soul, Concentration, Tranquility Base, Almost F in Tranquility, Drone in D and Loss by Kevin MacLeod. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Source:

The Dark Glow of the Mountains and There’s Probably No Time by Chris Zabriske  Licensed under Creative Commons

Elegy by Asher Fulero Licensed under Creative Commons

Theme Song “Dark & Troubled” by Pantherburn. Special thanks to Phillip St Ours for permission for use.