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Episode 26: Edgar Watson The Desperado of Chatham Bend

The Florida Everglades are full of fascinating wildlife, eerie beauty and countless natural wonders. But within this dense wilderness, is the story of one of a man believed to be one of Florida’s most prolific serial killers. And the people who decided to take justice into their own hands to stop him from murdering again.…


Episode 19: Frenchy McCormick and Tascosa, Texas

Frenchy McCormick lived by herself in the Texas ghost town of Tascosa for almost 30 years. She refused to leave because of a promise she made to someone. Frenchy is a folklore legend in Texas but much of her life story is a mystery. MUCH, but not all. SUBSCRIBE AND LISTEN FOR FREE: Apple Podcasts | Google Play | Radio…

Episode 14: Natchez City Cemetery

Natchez City Cemetery is one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the South. Behind each monument, beneath each grave site, is a story of a life marked by tragedy and mystery. Love and devotion. This is the story of some its most fascinating occupants.  SUBSCRIBE AND LISTEN FOR FREE: Apple Podcasts | Google Play | Radio Public | RSS Feed This is…

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