Author: Southern Mysteries

Episode 57 Murder at the Bordello: Kate Townsend

Kate Townsend was a famous madame in the Vice District of New Orleans before it became known as Storyville. Her mysterious past and complicated relationship would become front page news when she was found murdered in her home in 1883.


Episode 55 Who Killed Janie Sharp?

In July 1910, the murder of Janie Sharp rocked the community of Rural Hill, Mississippi. A man would be arrested for the murder but over the next two years there would be unexpected twists in the search for answers, including the murder of two men associated with the case. SUBSCRIBE AND LISTEN FOR FREE: Apple Podcasts | Google…

Episode 54 The Legend of Dr. Trott’s Apothecary

In 1867, Dr. William Trott, opened a magic show in his Charleston, South Carolina, apothecary shop. Soon after, rain began to fall on the city and continued for days. Frightened residents heard a rumor that Charleston was being punished because Dr. Trott had kidnapped a mermaid he had displayed in his shop. The result? The…

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