Episode 53 Grady Stiles – Lobster Boy

Grady Stiles was a freak show performer known as Lobster Boy. When he was found murdered in his Gibstonton, Florida home in November of 1992, a detective wondered why none of Grady's family seemed shocked or disappointed that Grady was dead. https://radiopublic.com/southern-mysteries-podcast-GAOPDB/ep/s1!5e51b SUBSCRIBE AND LISTEN FOR FREE: Apple Podcasts | Google Play | Radio Public | RSS Feed CONNECT  |  Twitter  | Facebook  | Discussion Group Gibsonton, … Continue reading Episode 53 Grady Stiles – Lobster Boy

Episode 52 The Murder of William Wise

In 1734, Alice Riley became the first person to be executed in the colony of Georgia. The servant was tried and convicted, alongside fellow servant, Richard White, for the murder of their master. Were the two guilty of planning and carrying out the murder? Or were they convicted because of Irish-Catholic prejudice in the colony?  … Continue reading Episode 52 The Murder of William Wise

Episode 51 Murder At The Battery Park Hotel

The murder of Helen Clevenger is one of Asheville, North Carolina’s most infamous crimes. In July of 1936, the 18 year old college student was murdered in a room at the Battery Park Hotel. A hotel employee, Martin Moore, was tried, convicted and executed for the murder but his conviction remains highly contested. In fact, … Continue reading Episode 51 Murder At The Battery Park Hotel

Episode 50 The Star That Fell On Ann Hodges

In November 1954, Ann Hodges was resting in her Oak Grove, Alabama home when a meteorite crashed through her roof and hit her. She became the only known human being to survive a meteorite strike. Ann was thrown into a media spotlight she never wanted and learned that fame can cause more damage than a … Continue reading Episode 50 The Star That Fell On Ann Hodges

Episode 49 Russell Jones

Rutherford County, Tennessee is known for its rich civil war history and stories. But deep within the county, in Murfreesboro, lies the story of the disappearance of Russell Jones. When his body was discovered in town, a murder for hire plot would reveal that Russell's murder was more complicated than anyone could have imagined.   https://radiopublic.com/southern-mysteries-podcast-GAOPDB/ep/s1!8e7f1 … Continue reading Episode 49 Russell Jones