Episode 52 The Murder of William Wise

In 1734, Alice Riley became the first person to be executed in the colony of Georgia. The servant was tried and convicted, alongside fellow servant, Richard White, for the murder of their master. Were the two guilty of planning and carrying out the murder? Or were they convicted because of Irish-Catholic prejudice in the colony? 

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“His Majesty’s Colony of Georgia in America.” Map by George Jones, 1734.

Episode Sources
The Murder of William Wise: An Examination of Indentured Servitude, Anti-Irish Prejudice, and Crime in Early Georgia
Author(s): Julie Anne Sweet
Source: The Georgia Historical Quarterly, Vol. 96, No. 1 (SPRING 2012), pp. 1-23 Published by: Georgia Historical Society
Accessed: 25 August 2019
The Ghosts Of Wright Square. Ghost City Tours
Wright Square. Official Savannah Guide
WCNotes: Listen! History is calling. Savannah Now 18 August 2010

Wright Square Photo: Ghost City Tours, Savannah
Illustration: Alice Riley and baby James by George R. Hicks.
Illustration: The Hanging of Alice Riley by George R. Hicks. Source: Savannah Now

Theme Song “Dark & Troubled” by Pantherburn. Special thanks to Phillip St Ours for permission for use.

Additional Music
“Heavy Heart”, “Clean Soul”, “Dreams Become Real” and “Magic Forest” by Kevin MacLeod (https://incompetech.com); “Shadowlands” by Purple Planet Music Licensed under Creative Commons 

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