How to Listen Guide

Welcome to the world of Southern Mysteries, a bi-weekly podcast. A new episode is available every other Monday.

If you’re an avid podcast listener and you know how to listen to any podcast you want, this is simple! Search for Southern Mysteries in your favorite podcast app and enjoy!

If Southern Mysteries is the first podcast you’re checking out, I’m excited you’re here! You’re entering a world of storytelling and conversations that I’ve loved for years and I think you’ll love them too.

New to podcasts? Here’s how to listen

What’s a podcast?

A podcast is a digital audio file that’s made available for downloading to a computer or mobile device. Southern Mysteries is free

How do you listen to podcasts?

There are two ways to hear this show:

  1. Stream Southern Mysteries via the website here
  2. Listen on your phone using what’s known as a ‘podcatcher‘. That’s a fancy word for a podcast listening app. The app collects audio files from a podcast you follow.

Here are the top 5 podcast listening apps

  1. Apple Podcasts Have an iPhone? This app is built in! Go to your phone’s search feature and type in “Apple Podcasts”. Tap on the app and when you open, head to the ‘search’ feature and type Southern Mysteries Podcast. Tap on the show image, hit the follow/subscribe button and your feed will update each time there’s a new episode. It’s free to follow and listen!
  2. Google Podcasts Android phone or tablet users can use this built in or download it. When you open the app tap ‘search’ and enter Southern Mysteries Podcast. Tap the podcast and then the subscribe/follow button. It’s free!
  3. Spotify For Android or iPhone users, download Spotify in your app store. When you open the app, head to ‘search’ and enter Southern Mysteries Podcast. Tap follow and your feed will update with new episodes. Keep in mind, if you listen to the free version of Spotify, you will hear ads in between episodes. Only Spotify premium subscription frees you from those ads.
  4. Stitcher For Android and iPhone users, download Stitcher in your app store. When you create your account and log in, head to ‘search’ and enter Southern Mysteries Podcast. Tap follow and your feed will update with new episodes. As with Spotify, if you want an ad free experience you’ll have to join their premium membership in app.
  5. Tune In Download Tune In in your app store. When you create your account and log in, head to ‘search’ and enter Southern Mysteries Podcast. Tap the Favorite icon to follow the show and ensure you never miss a new episode. Again, want to listen ad free, you’ll need to join Tune In premium

Discovering podcasts to listen to

Once you listen to and love one podcast, you’re going to want to listen to more and you’ll become obsessed! I’ve shared some of my favorites below. Also, if you’re into southern accents I compiled a list of southern podcasts and podcasters with southern accents that you can check out here.

Shannon’s Podcast Recommendations

Smartless with Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, & Will Arnett is a podcast that connects and unites people from all walks of life to learn about shared experiences through thoughtful dialogue and organic hilarity. A nice surprise: in each episode of SmartLess, one of the hosts reveals his mystery guest to the other two. What ensues is a genuinely improvised and authentic conversation filled with laughter and newfound knowledge to feed the SmartLess mind.

Criminal is an award-winning podcast about true crime. Stories of people who’ve done wrong, been wronged, or gotten caught somewhere in the middle.

Dark Histories tells the stories of some of our darkest moments, deepest mysteries and strangest happenings, from large cultural events to smaller, localised legends. I aim to write in an interesting, hopefully, entertaining way, but maintain integrity to the facts and be as informative as possible. The stories are all based on either primary, credible sources or drilled down through research to be as close as possible to the primary.

Heavyweight Maybe you’ve laid awake imagining how it could have been, how it might yet be, but the moment to act was never right. Well, the moment is here and the podcast making it happen is Heavyweight. Join Jonathan Goldstein for road trips, thorny reunions, and difficult conversations as he backpedals his way into the past like a therapist with a time machine.

In the Dark Serial investigative journalism from APM Reports, with host Madeleine Baran and a team of reporters. Season 1 looked at the abduction of Jacob Wetterling in rural Minnesota and the accountability of sheriffs in solving crime. Season 2 examined the case of Curtis Flowers, who was tried six times for the same crime. Also, a special report on Covid-19 in the Mississippi Delta.

Literally! with Rob Lowe He talks to people he loves, admires and knows well from the world of movies, TV, sports, music, and culture for fun, wide-ranging, free-wheeling conversations.

Lore exposes the darker side of history, exploring the creatures, people, and places of our wildest nightmares. Because sometimes the truth is more frightening than fiction.

Not Your Little Lady is a podcast featuring women living outside of the South’s socially accepted norms. Listen and relate as we laugh, cry and share stories about facing obstacles and how it feels to come out on the other side. We will talk about things that piss us off, the booze we like to drink, and historical women who have made a difference. Topic experts will give advice and relay realistic steps on how to implement it in our daily lives. We’ll explore the importance of women owning their past, present and future while keeping it light and funny, like a lady will do.

RadioLab The show challenges its listeners’ preconceived notions about how the world works. Radiolab provokes, it moves, it delights, and it asks its audience to see the world around them anew.

S-Town about a man named John who despises his Alabama town and decides to do something about it. He asks Brian to investigate the son of a wealthy family who’s allegedly been bragging that he got away with murder. But when someone else ends up dead, the search for the truth leads to a nasty feud, a hunt for hidden treasure, and an unearthing of the mysteries of one man’s life.

Someone Knows Something Host David Ridgen joins victims’ family members as they investigate cold cases, tracking down leads, speaking to suspects and searching for answers. S1: Adrien McNaughton. S2: Sheryl Sheppard. S3: Dee & Moore. S4: Greavette. S5: Kerrie Brown. S6: Donald Izzett Jr.

Southern Fried True Crime Erica Kelley is a native Tennessean exploring historical and contemporary true crime in the South. Southern charm is attempted but southern sass is bountiful. Join her as she shows you just how southern fried the justice system can be in the Deep South.

Uncivil A history podcast from Gimlet Media, where we go back to the time our divisions turned into a war, and bring you stories left out of the official history.

Happy listening, y’all!

Shannon Ballard

Host of Southern Mysteries Podcast