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Episode 12 Coral Castle The Taj Mahal of the South

Imagine a 5 foot tall, 100 pound heartbroken man excavating, shaping and hoisting massive coral blocks into a structure all by himself. Literally building walls to try to deal with a broken heart. This is the story of Edward Leedskalnin and Florida’s Coral Castle. SUBSCRIBE AND LISTEN FOR FREE: Apple Podcasts | Google Play | Radio Public | RSS Feed Thanks to…


Episode 3: The Legend of the Pope Lick Monster

The Pope Lick Monster is an urban legend that has led countless seekers to a dangerous trestle bridge in Louisville, Kentucky. Keith Age, of SyFy Channel fame, joins me to discuss the legend. SUBSCRIBE AND LISTEN FOR FREE Apple Podcasts | Google Play | Radio Public | RSS Feed There are a lot of Goatman…

Episode 2: It’s Raining Strange Eels

In 1892 The New York Sun published a story about strange eels raining on small town Coalburg, Alabama. Did it really happen or was this a tall tale gone national? SUBSCRIBE AND LISTEN FOR FREE: Apple Podcasts | Google Play | Radio Public | RSS Feed If you ever find yourself bored, curious and willing…

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