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Episode 125 The Mysterious Disappearance of Jane Rowell

Easter marked the 60th anniversary of the disappearance of 22 year old Hannah Jane Rowell. The aspiring actress and writer was reportedly last seen leaving her Baton Rouge, Louisiana home for a job interview. Her estranged husband believed Jane abandoned the family to try to make it in Hollywood. Her distraught and protective brother vowed there was foul play and Jane would never abandon her two young children. Was Jane murdered? Or did the allure of fame lead a young mother to drive away from her Louisiana home, never to return?

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Coincidences Related to Jane Rowell Case

Jane’s legal name at the time of her disappearance was Hannah Jane Rowell Clement. She was known as Jane by most of her friends and family and at the time she disappeared papers reported her missing as Mrs. Jane Clement. There are two other women, with similar names but not related to this story, who often come up when you search for Hannah Jane Rowell Clement.

In 1993, Hannah Jane Rowell disappeared from Eureka, California. A friend reported her missing six days after she was last seen on September 1, 1993. This Hannah Jane Rowell also went missing under suspicious circumstances and her mother believes she may have been the victim of a homicide. Few details are available in her case.

In 2017, an actress named Jane Clement appeared in a movie called Dead Ringer. This 35 year old actress looks a lot like the young Hannah Jane Rowell Clement who went missing in 1963. The actress was born in England and there’s no known connection between the two.

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