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Episode 105 The Six Triple Eight

Celebrating Black history month with the inspiring story of the Six Triple Eight

The 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion, nicknamed the “Six Triple Eight”, was the only all-black, all-female battalion overseas during World War II. They were dedicated to the mission to boost morale for service members but it would take decades for their country to acknowledge them for their service.

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Letters offer insight into personal relationships during World War II. More than 16 million Americans were drafted into service and their letters home painted a real picture of what it was like to be at war.

Letters from the homefront offered soldiers a reminder that there was a world apart from war. Someone who knew them not only as a soldier but as a father, husband, sibling or friend.

Their letters were historical records of the war and something tangible. A source of connection and comfort through the only form of communication during wartime that offered soldiers and their loved ones something to hold on to.

By the time the war ended in 1945, nearly 300,000 American soldiers had died and their letters would be all that many families had left of them.

Many families had their treasured letters because of a group of women who served in World War II…but received no recognition when they returned from their overseas mission.

Trained in Georgia, the women were part of the US Army’s 6888 Central Postal Directory Battalion…they were the only all Black all female battalion to serve overseas during World War II.

They were dedicated to the mission to restore order in a chaotic situation and help boost morale for service members but it would take decades for their country to acknowledge and thank them for their service.

Episode Photos

Major Charity Adams leads trainees in the Women’s Army Corps (WACs) who would join the 6888th in 1945.Photo Source: PD-U.S. Government.
Battalion Commander Maj. Charity Adams and Executive Officer Capt. Abbie Noel Campbell inspect the Six Triple Eight in England, February 15, 1945. Photo Source: National Archives
Lieutenant Colonel Charity Adams (c. 1945). Photo: US Army
The Six Triple Eight march in Victory Parade in Rouen, France. May 27, 1945. Photo: National Archives


Uncut footage of the Six Triple Eight working in Birmingham, England school buildings in 1945. Source: National Archives

Six Triple Eight Documentary trailer. The 56-minute documentary is available for purchase at Lincolnpennyfilms

SixTripleEight trailer from James Theres on Vimeo.

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Episode Music

Sugar Pines by Wes Hutchison Licensed under Creative Commons
Alone With My Thoughts by Esther Abrami Licensed under Creative Commons
Theme Song “Dark & Troubled” by Pantherburn. Special thanks to Phillip St Ours for permission for use