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Episode 30: Greenbrier Ghost – Dead Women Do Tell Tales

Zona Heaster Shue’s life was cut short when she was murdered in 1897. She’s known in West Virginia lore as the Greenbrier Ghost because her ghost helped solve her murder. Did Zona’s mother fabricate the story of her ghost to avenge her daughter’s murder? Or did Zona’s ghost truly help convict the man who killed…


Like Our Accents? You’ll Love Our Podcasts | Southern Podcasts and Podcasters

If you’re new here, my name is Shannon Ballard and I’m the host of Southern Mysteries Podcast. Apart from the kind comments people have shared about the historical mysteries and folklore they’ve heard on Southern Mysteries, I also hear time and time again: “I just love a southern accent!” I love the accents too! That’s…

Episode 22: Missing Sodder Family Children

What happened to the Sodder children? The five siblings disappeared from their West Virginia home on Christmas Eve night in 1945. What was their fate? Were they kidnapped, murdered or did they meet another tragic fate? SUBSCRIBE AND LISTEN FOR FREE: Apple Podcasts | Google Play | Radio Public | RSS Feed If traveled down…

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