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Episode 40: The Ballad of Frankie Silver

In 1833 Frankie Silver was hanged in Morganton, North Carolina for the gruesome ax murder of her husband Charlie Silver in their mountain home in Kona, North Carolina. The story of the murder has lived on for generations through the southern murder ballad of Frankie Silver. Ballads keep tragic stories of the past alive. But…


Episode 37: Connie Franklin Ghost of the Ozarks

In 1929, five men in Stone County, Arkansas were charged in the murder of Connie Franklin. There would be many twists and the turns in the case. But the biggest twist came when a man claiming to be Connie came forward to testify at his own murder trial.

Episode 36: Missing Bobby Dunbar

In the summer of 1912, a four year old boy went missing while his family was camping near a Louisiana resort area. The day Bobby Dunbar disappeared was the day the lives of three families would be turned upside down. And it would take almost 100 years to find answers to the questions that hung over these families for generations.

Episode 35: Harry Tyson Moore

The journey to freedom has led to countless Black Americans sacrificing for the cause of civil rights with many sacrificing their lives for the movement…including Martin Luther King, Jr. and Medgar Evers. But years before those brave men were murdered, a Florida teacher and his wife became the first martyrs of the civil rights movement.…

Episode 34: Computer Con Murder

In the fall of 1992, Heather Uffelman and Jeremy Rolfs were seniors at Middle Tennessee State University. They loved each other and dreamed of a spring wedding. They shared a love of computers. A love that would lead to Heather’s death in a motel room in Marietta, Georgia in October of 1992. SUBSCRIBE AND LISTEN…

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