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Episode 52 The Murder of William Wise

In 1734, Alice Riley became the first person to be executed in the colony of Georgia. The servant was tried and convicted, alongside fellow servant, Richard White, for the murder of their master. Were the two guilty of planning and carrying out the murder? Or were they convicted because of Irish-Catholic prejudice in the colony? …


Episode 51 Murder At The Battery Park Hotel

The murder of Helen Clevenger is one of Asheville, North Carolina’s most infamous crimes. In July of 1936, the 18 year old college student was murdered in a room at the Battery Park Hotel. A hotel employee, Martin Moore, was tried, convicted and executed for the murder but his conviction remains highly contested. In fact,…

Episode 41 Trapper Nelson Wild Man of Loxahatchee

A panther trapping, gator wrestling Florida man once called an area along the Loxahatchee River home. He lived as a recluse in the 1930s. But by the 1940s he was hosting wealthy tourists from Jupiter Island. They visited his river jungle zoo that became one of the top attractions in the area. On July 30,1968,…

Episode 37: Connie Franklin Ghost of the Ozarks

In 1929, five men in Stone County, Arkansas were charged in the murder of Connie Franklin. There would be many twists and the turns in the case. But the biggest twist came when a man claiming to be Connie came forward to testify at his own murder trial.

Episode 30: Greenbrier Ghost – Dead Women Do Tell Tales

Zona Heaster Shue’s life was cut short when she was murdered in 1897. She’s known in West Virginia lore as the Greenbrier Ghost because her ghost helped solve her murder. Did Zona’s mother fabricate the story of her ghost to avenge her daughter’s murder? Or did Zona’s ghost truly help convict the man who killed…

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