Episode 42: Mystery of Missing Heiress Jacqueline Levitz

In October 1995, an heiress who had tired of high society life in Palm Beach, relocated to Vicksburg, Mississippi. She was drawn to Vicksburg because she wanted to be near family. She bought her home on Riverwood Circle because it overlooked the Mississippi River. She wanted to wake up to the view of the river and spend time watching boats pass by. Jackie loved the slower pace of life along the Mississippi.

Within weeks of the move, 62 year old, Jacqueline Levitz disappeared. Some folks in Vicksburg believe that the River she loved so much, became her final resting place when she went missing in 1995.

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Watch Hard Copy feature on disappearance of Jackie Levtiz. Video includes home videos of Jackie with her family

Jacqueline Levitz and Ralph Levitz at charity event in Palm Beach

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Theme Song “Dark & Troubled” by Pantherburn. Special thanks to Phillip St Ours for permission for use.

Additional Music: “Falling Rain” by Myuu; “Almost in F Tranquility”, “Dark Fog”, “Evening Fall Harp”, “Long Note One”, “Long Note Two” by Kevin McLeod; “I Am A Man Who Will Fight For Your Honor” by Chris Zebriskie Licensed under Creative Commons 

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