Episode 31: Black Wedding


“One need not be a Chamber—to be Haunted” – Emily Dickinson

On April 22, 1930, a beautiful dark haired woman walked into a hospital in Key West Florida. She encountered a man who knew her the moment he saw her. This was his soulmate. The woman of his dreams.

Some say this is a love story. But in truth, it’s one of the most haunting reminders that desire can drive you to obsession and self destruction.

This is the ghoulish story of Carl Von Cosel and his obsession…Elena Hoyos.

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More about this episode

Photos from Florida Keys Public Library

Read Atlas Obscura: Morbid Monday
Read Undying Love: The True Story of a Passion That Defied Death by Ben Harrison
Read The Lost Diary Of Count Von Cosel by Carl Von Cosel

Theme Song “Dark & Troubled” by Panthernburn. Special thanks to Phillip St Ours for permission for use. “Night of Chaos” by Kevin MacLeod. Licensed under Creative Commons, “Lights” Royalty Free Music by cinematicwaves.com. “Shadowlands”, “Seventh Curse” and “Alone” by Purple Plant Music Licensed under Creative Commons


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