Episode 2: It’s Raining Strange Eels

In 1892 The New York Sun published a story about strange eels raining on small town Coalburg, Alabama. Did it really happen or was this a tall tale gone national?

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If you ever find yourself bored, curious and willing to give up an hour of your time going down an internet rabbit hole of random topics, go to Google and search for incidents of animal rain.  You will find fascinating stories that tell of everything you can imagine falling from the sky. Snakes, catfish, maggots, even turtle hail in Vicksburg, Mississippi back in 1894. 

Weather is wild and fascinating and you can’t help but wonder if some of these stories are true or maybe they’re a mixture of legendary tales that hold some truth with a dash of fiction and good storytelling. 

As you take a deeper look at stories about animals raining from the sky, you’ll find one of the most unique stories happened back in 19th century Alabama. 

Kelly Kazek helps tell the story of the eels and Bill Murray makes sense of the history of weather and the possibility of that this legendary tale of eels raining on an Alabama town could be true.

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Kelly Kazek: Follow Kelly’s blog to learn more about her adventures and search for all things weird in Alabama https://kellykazek.com

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Theme Song “Dark & Troubled” by Pantherburn. Special thanks to Phillip St Ours for permission for use.

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