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Southern Mysteries is a bi-weekly podcast. A new episode is available every other Monday.

If you’re an avid podcast listener and you know how to listen to any podcast you want, this is simple! To listen to the show, you’ll simply search for Southern Mysteries in your favorite podcast app, or find the link to Southern Mysteries in the most popular players here. All you need to do now is tell your friends to listen to Southern Mysteries like you do.

If Southern Mysteries is the first podcast you’re checking out, I’m excited you’re here! You’re entering a world of storytelling and conversations that I’ve loved for years and I think you’ll love them too.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to listening to this podcast:

First of all…what is a podcast? It’s a digital audio file that’s made available for downloading to a computer or mobile device.

You can listen here on the Southern Mysteries website. CLICK HERE for the podcast player

You can also listen on your phone using what’s known as a ‘podcatcher‘. That’s a fancy word for an app that collects audio files from a podcast. The podcatcher you use depends on your phone and whether you’re on iOS or Android.

To simplify, I recommend using the RadioPublic app that’s available for iOS and Android

To start listening to Southern Mysteries:

Step 1: Send to phone
Visit Southern Mysteries RadioPublic page here

a. If you’re on your computer: click the “Send to phone” button, enter your phone number and you’ll get a text with a link to the show. Open the link on your phone, then tap the “Get the app.”

b. If you’re reading this on your phone, you’re even closer: just tap the “Get the app” button.

Step 2: Open the app
Once you’ve downloaded the RadioPublic app, you’ll be presented with Southern Mysteries in the app.

a. Click on the Episodes tab to see a list of episodes. I’d start at the beginning with Episode 1: The Phantom Barber

Tap on an episode description to read more or press the play button to listen directly.

c. If you want to download an episode to listen to on the go or without using your phone’s data, click on the description and tap the button on the right with the downward arrow.

d. Click “Follow” to get automatic updates in your shows queue when new episodes release every other Monday!

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Happy listening, y’all!

Shannon Ballard

Host of Southern Mysteries Podcast

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